Soy Candles by Soy-FX ...Illuminate your Life with a Natural Alternative

 For candle lovers, and anyone conscious of our environment, Soy Candles really are the best alternative to the cheap petrochemical based and mass produced paraffin candles in the market today. So…Be kind to yourself, your family, and our world, and illuminate your life with a delightful Soy Candles by Soy-FX.

Soy-FX has a large range of quality Soy candle products available in elegant and stylish glassware, colourful mosaics, handy Travel Tins, Tealights and Melts. Our Soy candles are highly scented with exotic and enticing fragrances from the fresh & fruity Mandarin & Mimosa, Sweet Lemon Grass or French Pear, to the natural earthy tones of Sandalwood & Amber, Australian Bush, or Moon Lake Musk. Gorgeous floral fragrances of Frangipani, Honeysuckle Jasmin and classics like Victorian Rose and Lavender are all available for your choosing, and even designer fragrances which mimic the classics such as Chanel #5, Angel, or even an old favourite White Diamonds. And if you’re a dessert lover…. Try our Chocolate Milkshake, French Vanilla,…or even Fresh Coffee! Truly an extensive range both in products and fragrances to choose from.  AND Soy-FX offers great value for your money - check out the BUY MORE FOR LESS prices or the SPECIALS.!

Enjoy the ambience and soak up the calming experience Soy Candles can bring to your life and wellbeing. Close your eyes, enjoy the aroma…and relax with a beautiful Soy candle by Soy-FX.

To check out the great range of Soy Candles, please visit Soy-FX at the Old Bus Depot Markets, Kingston Canberra -





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